About Us

Nemesys is a business solutions provider located in Ebene Cybercity, Mauritius.

We initially started our operations by offering web design and development solutions. Over the past 11 years, we have expanded our portfolio of services to not only include web design and web hosting but also IT Equipment & Support, Corporate Identity Development, Multimedia, Internet Marketing, Web Applications, Human Resource Management and Printing among other services. This expansion has also helped us get an in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of the running of a business which we now use to help our clients develop and grow their own business.

We do things differently...

Our tagline 'We do things differently' explains the way we run our company. Doing things differently helps us to develop services and packages that match the needs of our clients. We also ensure that they get the effective, timely and pragmatic help, advice and support they require and most importantly, we ensure they get it at a competitive price. We believe that the quality of any service is important but this does not mean that anyone has to spend a lot of money to get a good service. This is the reason why we have always published our prices online and when anyone subscribes for our services, he/she knows what he/she is signing up for. Our prices are same whether your company is a start-up or a Top 100.

Little differences make a big difference. Those little differences in our products and services, operations and personal attention to each and every one of our clients make up what we call ‘The Nemesys Difference!’ And instead of telling potential clients more about this difference, we let them go through our services and portfolio and talk to us to make up their own mind.

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