Secure Socket layer (SSL) Certificates will make your website secure.

Secure Socket layer (SSL) Certificates, also known as digital certificates, allow web browsers or clients to authenticate the existence and identity of a website using digital keys and certificates. SSL Certificates allow for all information that are sent to be encrypted, ensuring that information cannot be intercepted or stolen while in transit. With more people shopping on the Web every day, eCommerce security is especially critical. Visitors are constantly looking for the padlock icon and “https” prefix in the address bar of their browser before submitting personal information online. If your Web site doesn’t have an SSL Certificate, visitors may leave before making a purchase. But you can change all that with an SSL. Now when your customers submit their credit card numbers and personal information, both of you can rest assured all information transferred and stored will remain safe and secure.

How It Works?
In order to create a SSL session, a user will reference the domain using https - so check to see that the URL starts with this. The client browser will also verify any information contained in the certificate. The client browser will also check that the Certification Authority is a trusted CA by verifying the signature on that server certificate. Finally, the client browser will check that the domain name of the browser matches that of the certificate, and will pop up a warning message if it does not trust one of the fields. You can view the certificate by right clicking on the page, go to page properties, then certificates details, or alternatively, click on the padlock in the bottom right-hand corner (although this does not always appear). If all is in order you can continue.

How To Subscribe?
To subscribe for an SSL with Nemesys, you will first need to have your website hosted with us. For more information and a quote, please contact us.

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